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Weekly Meal Prep Plan


This is our weekly meal prep plan. The plan that makes it possible to eat the best tasting meals that are also healthy, easy, and sustainable. We make up a number of things on the weekend so it’s easy to put together healthy meals during the week. It starts with the basics – making sure we have things like homemade yogurt, beans and and bread on hand. We use a basic recipe and add different ingredients to each to vary the menus.

This might sound like a lot, but each thing only takes a few minutes and then we have meals planned through Thursday. Since we do it on Sunday, we know how long these items have been in the refrigerator. If we need to stock some other items, like toasting nuts or making mayonnaise, we can do these as well. The key is to use the best ingredients- beans from Rancho Gordo, bread flour from King Arthur Baking, McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, Milk products from Horizon Organic (and, no, we are not affiliates of any of these companies.)FARMERS’ MARKET

Our weekly meal prep plan also includes a visit to the farmers’ market, where we get the best tasting produce. And since we have our basics, we can shop like a chef, buying whatever looks good and is in season without having a list or a plan. We know it will fit in with the weekly meal plan because we have a basic idea of what we are having.


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