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Tony Fitzgerald is a professional photographer, living in Santa Cruz, California, and together with Lisa LeCoump, they are the owners of Tony Fitzgerald Photography. They have spent the last ten years photographing weddings.  Their photographs have been frequently published in blogs and magazines.

Before starting their photography business, Tony was the Stroke Coordinator for Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California, so he is motivated by healthy eating. Lisa was previously the Deputy Agricultural Commissioner, an Agricultural Advisor in California and an Agricultural Extension Agent in Thailand. Having studied Agriculture at California State University, Chico and U.C., Davis, and worked in Agriculture throughout her life, she is personally familiar with farming methods that preserve the environment. The blog promotes those that she knows will work.



While traveling the world and looking for the best ingredients, Tony and I found that many producers who care about quality also care about sustainability. We discovered that by choosing the best ingredients we had reduced our carbon footprint. It was a revelation. A few more changes, and we cut our carbon footprint in half! Then we realized that if everyone did this, it would have a big effect on climate change. Little changes add up to something big. We could save the world, one cookie at a time.

So we decided to share this in a blog. The mission is to promote sustainability by showing readers how they can instantly reduce their carbon footprint by choosing foods that also taste better. The blog promotes this idea through posts about stocking the pantry with the best ingredients, shopping local, eating food in season, and being inspired by discoveries while traveling.  We believe we can all make a big change, just by making little changes, because little things matter.

No Affiliates Statement

We call this our “no affiliates” statement because we accept no advertising, have no affiliates and accept no payment. We are not paid to mention brands – we just love buying the best, sharing that information and saving the planet at the same time. The effort put into writing and photographing the blog is solely based on our dedication to the cause.

Tony Fitzgerald- about the blog
Tony Fitzgerald
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