about the blog


It should be easy to make something incredible.


  • Follow the best recipe
  • Use the very best ingredients
  • And add your own creativity

Piece of cake, right? But how do you know which recipe is the best and where to get the best ingredients?

We discovered foods while traveling and were inspired to created them back home. First, we researched the recipes and learned from exceptional chefs. Then we knock it up a notch by finding the very best ingredients. Sometimes the ingredients cost more, but we learned how to save by sourcing them direct. We regularly buy directly from the grower, the local farmer’s market, or a small business. Sometimes we grow them in our own garden, or even make them, so we get the best quality for less.

While looking for the best ingredients, we discovered that many companies that care about quality also care about sustainability. We had made a huge dent in our carbon footprint just by eating better. So we decided to share this in a blog. Brands matter, so we list exactly what we used, and why this matters. We have no affiliates and are not paid to mention brands. We just love buying the best and saving the planet at the same time.