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Pantry Storage Ideas

Glass Jars with removable name tags ended up being the best answer to most of our pantry storage problems, and a few other projects as well.

We were trying to improve our pantry storage. We have a large collection of beans, grains, nuts, flours, sugars, honey and spices that we store in the pantry. Keeping all of this organized and in safe, air tight containers can be tricky. We tried any number of containers – glass, ceramic, plastic. And a half dozen ways of labeling them.


It turned out that the best method was to use glass canning jars. They are uniform, not expensive, easy to move around, easy to clean, easy to find for sale in bulk, and clear, so we could tell what is in them. And they last forever without looking old and dingy. We found the wide mouth jars were especially nice for storing things for easy access. No wonder our Grandmothers have been using them for generations.

The lids seal completely and are easy to clean and replace when they get old. They are also interchangeable between sizes of jars, so we don’t have to hunt for a matching lid.



The best labeling turned out to be a stiff tag marked with permanent marker and hung by a string around the neck of the jar. It was easily removed before washing, unlike a sticker label. And the tags are cute, which shouldn’t matter, but it does. The pantry storage area actually turned out looking pretty good, and is definitely more useable now.


We had several projects that we ended up using glass jars for as well. We tried sprouting lentils, and needed a clean, non reactive container that we could put cheese cloth over in order to quickly rinse the sprouts.  The answer was a glass jar.


Critters seem to be very interested in bird seed and we needed an absolutely critter proof method of storage. Glass jars with metal lids are perfect for this.


When we made our own vinegar from left over wine, it had to be stored in a nonreactive container covered with cheesecloth.  Yes, you guessed it … a glass jar.

Glass Jars ended up being the best answer to most of our pantry storage problems, and a few other projects as well.

Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography

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