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Bulk Spices

Fall is the time to fill up the spice cabinet, buying bulk spices just before the holiday baking season.

Ordering spices in bulk from a spice dealer will give you a great price and the best quality. This will make a huge difference in your holiday baking.

Spice jars

We transferred some of each of the spices to these spice jars we found on Amazon. They were just the right size for our kitchen spice rack, and the set was inexpensive and even came with labels. The leftover spices are stored in jars in the pantry. So we were ready for the holiday baking and also more organized.

Spice rub for gifts

Then we made spice rubs as Christmas gifts with some of the spices. The recipes for spice rubs were inspired by recipes from Tom Douglas, a chef and restaurateur in Seattle Washington. The rub is dry, so it doesn’t perish quickly and it can be taken on a plane in a carry on, so it makes an ideal Christmas gift. We found tins for sale online that were just the right size. So in one day we were ready for baking, organized, and had some of our Christmas shopping done. Not bad for an afternoon.

Spice jars

The Asian spices came from The Mala Market, which is where we find the best Asian cooking products. I personally love that their shipments come wrapped in red tissue like a personal gift. The other bulk spices were ordered from World Spice Merchants. They carry a huge variety of top quality spices, in a variety of sizes, so browsing their online catalog has become the traditional start to our holiday season.


Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography

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