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A Spice Rub that is a Little Sweet and has enough Salt for a Dry Brine

Alaska. A day of whale watching and glaciers and king salmon. It’s only fitting that we discovered a great way to make salmon while traveling in Alaska. Use a salmon spice rub that has enough salt in it to be a dry brine. Leave it on long enough and it makes the salmon moist and flavorful.

We mix up our own spice rubs in batches that will last for several uses.,and keep the pantry stocked. The spice rubs include enough salt so that they double as a dry brine. They store easily in any air-tight container, but we find that small tin containers work well for spice rub. A tin of spice rub also makes a great gift.

Spice rub for gifts


This spice rub includes salt, sugar and spices. The salt acts as a dry brine. It keeps the salmon moist and flaky by relaxing or ”denaturing” the protein strands in the fish so they don’t tighten during cooking and squeeze the water out. The sugar is added for flavor and better browning. The spices add flavor.

The amount of salt that is needed for a dry brine is about a teaspoon of salt for a pound of fish. Salt makes up about a quarter of the spice rub, by weight, so we use about a Tablespoon of the rub for a pound of fish.

The spice rub for salmon is rubbed into the salmon and left on for 30 to 45 minutes. Because it’s a dry brine instead of a wet brine, we get a crispier skin.

We have listed the brands for some of the ingredients because ingredients are everything. We have found that these brands give superior results. And by using brands like Horizon dairy products and Wholesome sugar we cut our carbon footprint in half and are helping to control climate change.

We use produce from the farmer’s market or a local farm stand. Locally grown fruit makes all the difference. Farmers who sell locally choose which variety to grow based on flavor instead of how well it survives transport and storage. It is picked when ripe, often just the day before, or the day of the market, so it tastes incredible. Buying local also creates a smaller carbon footprint in transportation, and it helps our local economy, giving jobs to people in our community.

The thyme usually comes from our own garden, chopped and dried for a day. Growing herbs is exceptionally easy. They are drought tolerant and don’t take up much room, and it’s convenient having fresh herbs right outside.

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We call this our “no affiliates” statement because we accept no advertising, have no affiliates and accept no gifts or payment. We are not paid to mention brands – we just love buying the best, sharing that information and saving the planet at the same time. The effort put into writing and photographing the blog is solely based on our dedication to the cause.


Prep Time: 15 minutes



  • Measure all the ingredients into a bowl by placing the bowl on the scale and zeroing the scale after each addition.
  • Mix all the ingredients together and store in an airtight container.
  • Use about a Tablespoon of spice rub for a pound of fish. Rub the spice rub on the salmon 30 to 45 minutes before it will be cooked so the salt has time to act as a dry brine on the fish.
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This is one of the things we discovered while traveling and recreated when we got back home. We researched the science and techniques behind the recipe and used tips from exceptional chefs. Then we used the best ingredients we could find to create this recipe. For more ideas, see our other posts about recipes inspired by travel.

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