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DIY Whipped Honey or Spun Honey is So Easy To Make at Home

Santa Cruz, California. I have always loved the texture of whipped honey, also known as spun honey. When I first discovered it, I thought it had cream whipped in, or butter, or maybe part of the honeycomb. Actually, it’s just honey that has started to crystalize, so it’s super concentrated. It’s so easy to do it yourself, so DIY whipped honey became the next project.

Ingredient for DIY Whipped Honey:

To make whipped honey, it’s important to start with the best honey, and to make it when the honey is already crystalizing. We buy honey from a local beekeeper, who doesn’t add anything or water down his honey, so sometimes it is already crystalizing when we buy it. Local beekeepers often sell at the farmer’s market.

How DIY whipped Honey Fits into Our Plan to EAT BETTER:

Honeybees are essential for the pollination of many of California’s most important crops. Farmers often hire beekeepers to bring hives into their fields and orchards to supply pollinators. This is a major income for the beekeepers. Selling honey gives beekeepers a second source of income, allowing them to continue providing pollinators. By using honey, we are helping the beekeepers and the farmers. 

For years, the populations of honeybees have been dwindling, so supporting beekeepers has become even more important.

Additionally, we are reducing our use of sugar from sugarcane that has been grown in areas where the rainforest has been burned to provide new farmland. In this way, we have reduced our carbon footprint. One of the things that helped us cut our carbon footprint in half and help to control climate change.

We buy honey from a local farm stand, the farmer’s market, or a store that carries honey from a local beekeeper. Buying local helps the growers in our area, because many of the local crops need to be pollinated by bees. It also creates a smaller carbon footprint in transportation, and helps our local economy by giving jobs to people in our community.

DIY Whipped Honey or Spun Honey
DIY Whipped Honey or Spun Honey

DIY Whipped Honey or Spun Honey


Prep Time: 30 minutes
Course: Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: creamed honey, spun honey, whipped honey


  • mixer


  • 1 or 2 cups crystalizing honey from a local beekeeper


  • Heat up the honey until the crystals dissolve.
  • Pour the honey into a mixing bowl and whip the honey until it is white and creamy.
  • Pour the honey into a container and store it at room temperature or in the refrigerator.
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