Many of the plants in our garden produce edible flowers. We espcially like the herbs that produce flowers, because they taste like the herb. The herbs with delicate white flowers look great in a salad or added to other dishes or even drinks. Herbs are also easy to grow, drought tolerant, and attract hummingbirds and butterflies as well as being beneficial to honey bees.

edible flowers
edible flowers

The white flowers in the photo above are (top to bottom) cilantro, lemon verbena, chervil, onion, snow peas and rose. These are some of our favorite because they taste good as well as adding flavor and interest.

Some of the edible flowers are purple or blue and can add color as well as taste. The flowers in the above photos are (left to right) garlic, thyme, borage, bachelor button and lavendar.

However, we found some edible flowers too bitter, and although they are edible, we didn’t want to eat them. For example, violets are often candied and used as decoration. We tried this, thinking they would be pretty on cupcakes, but we found them too bitter to use.