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Growing Microgreens at Home

Growing microgreens at home is an easy way to add a healthy, nutrient packed, gourmet ingredient to your salads and other dishes.

Growing microgreens at home is a really easy project. They add a gourmet look to some dishes and provide a really big nutritional punch. And since this is an example of eco friendly eating, it also makes a good project for kids. We do this more in the winter when lettuce in not available, since we are trying to eat with the seasons.


We got everything we needed in a kit on Amazon. It included fiber soil discs that expand when they get wet, a reusable plastic tray and seeds specifically sold for growing microgreens (untreated).

Just add water. We use filtered water so we are not adding anything that may harm the plants and to reduce any bacterial contamination.

Then put the tray in sunlight. We keep it indoors so they won’t get eaten by birds or insects.

After a few days we have microgreens. Instead of harvesting them all at once, we cut them off as we use them.


Heirloom beets drizzled with rosewater then topped with Saint Andre French cheese, broccoli microgreens, cilantro flowers, rose petals, and a French vinaigrette dressing.

It’s amazing what you can make after a visit to the local farmer’s market, and some help from your own little microgreen garden. 

Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography

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