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Recipes Using Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Our favorite uses for our homemade garlic infused olive oil.

Garlic Infused Olive Oil Recipe
Garlic Olive Oil made in the Instant Pot is so easy, and makes a healthy substitute for butter.
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garlic olive oil
Instant Pot Hummus Recipe
This makes the best Hummus – An Easy Instant Pot Hummus Recipe – even the Tahini is made from scratch, but with a really easy method.
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Easy Instant Pot Hummus Recipe
Best Refried Beans Recipe
This is the best refried beans recipe because it is easy, healthy and has more flavor than anything we have ever had before. 
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Best Refried Beans Recipe
Heirloom Beans
Heirloom Beans Recipe made in an Instant Pot
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instant pot pinto beans
This roasted garlic aïoli served with artichokes was definitely "farm to table", since we actually went to the farm for the garlic and artichokes and brought them home to our table.
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roasted garlic aioli recipe
Best Cassoulet Recipe
The Best Cassoulet Recipe Made with Pork Shoulder, Duck Confit, Garlic Sausage and topped with Bread crumbs.
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Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography