Best pot-stickers we’ve ever had. We started with the recipe for Pot-sticker dumplings with chicken stock from a book by Fuchia Dunlop – “The Food of Sichuan”. The home made wrappers make a huge difference.


We followed the recipe exactly as written, except for using soy sauce instead of salt, and also added garlic. What really made the difference was using Kurobuta pork shoulder and grinding it ourselves in a food processor.

Ingredients we used:

For the wrappers –

For the stuffing –

  • ginger
  • scallion – organic
  • garlic – organic
  • ground pork – Kurobuta pork shoulder from D’Artagnan
  • chicken stock – homemade
  • Shaoxing wine – Pagoda 8 year aged from Posharpstore
  • soy sauce – Zhongba 360 light soy sauce from The Mala Market
  • sugar –
  • white pepper – from World Spice Merchants
  • sesame oil