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Easy Hawaiian Themed Appetizers

A great luau starts with easy Hawaiian themed appetizers


Throwing a Hawaiian themed party is a fantastic way to transport yourself and your guests to a tropical paradise. From the moment they arrive, you can greet them with leis and tropical drinks adorned with brightly colored umbrellas. The atmosphere can be set with vibrant decorations such as tiki torches, Hawaiian flowers and colorful paper lanterns. For the menu, you can serve a delicious array of Hawaiian-inspired dishes like roasted pig, grilled pineapple, pot stickers and tang cu pai gu. And of course, no Hawaiian party is complete without some traditional Hawaiian music. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or simply a summer get-together, a Hawaiian themed party is bound to leave your guests feeling like they’ve had a taste of paradise.

POG drink recipe
POG drink recipe


Tang Cu Pai Gu Recipe
Chinese Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs
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Tang Cu Pai Gu Recipe - Chinese Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs
The secret to the best pot sticker recipe is the home made wrappers.
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POG Drink Recipe
A POG drink recipe – It's easy to make POG from fresh squeezed tropical fruit juice instead of buying it in a can.
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POG drink recipe


This pineapple coconut ice cream recipe is a great way to get a taste of the islands when you can't actually visit.
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pineapple coconut ice cream recipe


Using protea in the flower arrangements is an easy way to create a sophisticated Hawaiian theme. The flowers are common in Hawaii and make elegant arrangements. Fortunately, a local grower, Rooster Ridge, grows protea and sells them every Sunday at the local farmers’ market. The large pink flowers make an especially striking tropical arrangement.

It’s easy for party decorations to look gaudy or cheap, especially when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one evening. The party decorations come from sells on Etsy, who sold paper lanterns and cocktail umbrellas in bulk, by color and style, so it’s easy to keep the party elegant and still festive. They have such a huge selection that we are able to find something that looks Hawaiian and tasteful. A few paper lanterns and umbrellas for the drinks and we’re set.

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