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buying directly from local growers has become the perfect answer for shopping during the pandemic

During this time, we are staying at home and doing a lot of cooking and baking. Going to the grocery store has become a challenge, and we miss shopping at the Farmer’s Market. However, buying direct from growers has become an option because many growers are selling direct to consumers and have set up an easy delivery service. Community Supported Agriculture is another way to get the best produce directly from growers. This also helped us cut our carbon footprint.

Dirty Girl Produce veggie box

The photo above is the pre-packed veggie box we just received from a local grower – delivered right to our door. It comes from Dirty Girl Produce and includes a variety of vegetables and a couple of jars of their dry farmed tomatoes.

We usually buy tomatoes from them later in the year, as well as jars of tomatoes to stock up for the winter, since their tomatoes area like nothing we have ever tasted, and better than the ones we grow ourselves. Since this grower routinely sells directly to many of the best restaurants in the San Francisco bay area, we are getting some really good vegetables. Starting with great ingredients is the best way to improve a recipe.

Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography

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