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Local eggs from the Farmers Market

When we need fresh eggs, we buy local eggs from the Farmers Market.


Some recipes require eggs that are only a few days old. The recipe may call for something as vague as “fresh” eggs. For example, if you are using the egg whites to make a meringue, or cookies that depend on whipped egg whites like French macarons, the age of the egg is very important. Just a few days will change the results. The fresher the egg, the more stable the egg whites will be when they are whipped. Within a few days the egg whites will start loosing this quality as the proteins in the egg whites relax and the egg whites become more fluid. Some chefs will purposely use egg whites that they have aged because they will whip up larger. But even if you want to use aged egg whites, it is important to know their age when you bought them.


This is where shopping local helps. If you buy eggs at the Farmers Market they are likely to be very fresh, and you can also ask the seller when they were gathered. So, for recipes that include whipping egg whites, our first trip is to the Farmers Market.

Eggs are so popular at our local farmers market that we go to the market when it first opens to make sure we get some.

We can sometimes get duck or quail eggs as well, like these quail eggs from Mora Family Farms. They are a nice addition to an appetizer plate or salads.

Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography

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