The Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever

We are always searching for ways to improve on a recipe. We found this one to be both easy and OMG delicious! These are by far the best cinnamon rolls we have ever had. The secret is using all the best ingredients and letting them rest overnight, which improves the flavor. It also makes them really easy to make.

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Making Garlic Olive Oil

We ramp up the flavor on may dishes by adding garlic olive oil. It makes a great substitute for butter and is a healthy alternative. We make it ahead and consider it part of the routine of stocking the pantry. By leaving the garlic in the oil, we also have sauteed garlic, or garlic confit, ready to use.

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Thai Green Curry

Tony made Thai green curry from scratch, toasting and then grinding all the spices with a mortar and pestle.  We even grew the Makrut lime ourselves for the leaves and zest.  The sticky rice was steamed in an authentic Thai basket used for just this purpose.  The flavors were so bright the curry was unlike anything we have had in a restaurant.