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Best Recipes with Maple Syrup

Our best recipes with maple syrup – These recipes feature the best ways to take advantage of the unique flavor and properties of maple syrup.

Maple syrup


Maple syrup is made from the sap harvested from maple trees. It is a renewable resource that has been harvested for centuries. Since trees sequester a lot of carbon, they are one of the most important ways to fight climate change. Maple syrup is harvested without removing the trees, which makes this a sustainable product. This is especially true if it is a replacement for sugar from sugar cane. Sugar from sugar cane is usually produced by burning the fields, releasing carbon and causing pollution. It is even more of a problem if it comes from areas where the rainforest has been cut down to plant sugar cane. This makes maple syrup one of the stars of our plan to eat better and reduce our carbon footprint. The problem with using maple syrup to replace sugar is that it has a distinct flavor. The key is to use it where the flavor is a welcome addition. These recipes feature the best ways to take advantage of the unique flavor and properties of maple syrup.

Maple syrup is one of the most sustainable products available. It is produced from an abundant and renewable natural resource, the maple tree. This product does not require any additional inputs or manufacturing processes and is relatively easy to obtain. The production process is also efficient and does not use a large amount of energy. Furthermore, maple syrup does not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives, making it an entirely natural product. Consequently, maple syrup can be considered a sustainable product because it is produced with minimal impact on the environment and its production is both efficient and renewable.

The process of collecting sap from maple trees and then boiling it down to produce syrup uses renewable energy sources such as wood or wood pellets. The tapping of the trees does not harm them and can be done multiple times during the sap-gathering season without negatively affecting their health. Additionally, the boiling process does not produce any hazardous waste, making it an environmentally friendly product.

In addition, maple syrup is produced locally in many regions, meaning that it does not require any transportation or additional resources. It is also a versatile ingredient that can be used in many recipes, and it can often be substituted for other sweeteners, reducing our dependence on other products that might have more of an environmental impact.

Maple syrup


Maple syrup makes the best pecan pie. Recipes often call for corn syrup, but maple syrup is a more traditional ingredient and can be substituted one for one in a recipe for pecan pie. This results in much more flavor and an authentic taste. Perfect flavor for fall holidays.

Best Pecan Pie Filling Recipe
The best pecan pie filling is made with maple syrup, browned butter and a touch of bourbon.
Check out this recipe

We revamped our recipe for cinnamon rolls by adding maple syrup after our trip to Vermont. We changed a few other things to make these the best cinnamon rolls ever.

The secret to making the best cinnamon rolls recipe is using all the best ingredients and the method that adds the most flavor.
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best cinnamon rolls recipe


Maple syrup is partially an invert sugar, so it can be used in ice cream instead of corn syrup to keep the ice cream from becoming icy and grainy. This works especially well in ice cream flavors that pair with the taste of the maple syrup.

Bourbon pecan ice cream recipe, made with Kentucky bourbon, Texas Pecans and Vermont maple syrup. A showcase of some of America’s finest products.
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Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream Recipe

Best Pumpkin Ice Cream Recipe
To make the best pumpkin ice cream recipe, start with the best ingredients. An ice cream flavor to celebrate the holidays.
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best pumpkin ice cream recipe


In many recipes we use brown butter instead of butter. Browned butter has the water removed, so the recipe may need some water added back to achieve the right consistency. This is especially the case in recipes with flour, since the flour needs moisture to activate the gluten. Maple syrup could be a way of adding the needed water as well as a little sweetness and extra flavor. We use it in tart crusts and cookies for this purpose.

The best Russian Tea Cakes recipe made with browned butter, toasted pecans and maple syrup, and then double rolled in powdered sugar.
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The Best Russian Tea Cakes Recipe

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