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Best Bakery in Santa Cruz

Our list of the best bakeries in Santa Cruz


Gluten free. Vegan bakery items. Artisan breads and cookies, locally made and sold at the Farmers’ Markets.

Best Bakery in Santa Cruz Pleasure Point Bakery
Pleasure Point Bakery
Pleasure Point Bakery Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookie

Best Bakery in Santa Cruz
Gluten Free seeded loaves


Patisserie Emozioni is the new patisserie in Santa Cruz. Not since we were in Paris have we seen pastries this pretty, that taste this incredible. Each one a surprise, and the flavors changing frequently.

A patisserie is a French term for a shop that sells French pastries and cakes. Crescenzo “Enzo” Pelliccia, the executive pastry chef at Dio Deka restaurant in Los Gatos opened Emozioni last year in Lago de Como restaurant.

After shopping at the Live Oak Farmer’s Market on Sunday, we crossed the street to top it off by checking out Emozioni. Stunning. Reminiscent of the creations of Cedric Grolet at Le Meurice in Paris. So nice to have such an upscale patisserie in Santa Cruz and convenient to have it so close to the Farmer’s Market.

Best Bakery in Santa Cruz Emozioni Patisserie in Santa Cruz
Cioccolato Bomb from Emozioni Patisserie in Santa Cruz
Emozioni Patisserie in Santa Cruz
Cioccolato Bomb from Emozioni Patisserie in Santa Cruz
Patisserie in Santa Cruz
Emozioni Patisserie in Santa Cruz
cherry bomb
cherry bomb


I was so thrilled recently to find that Edith Meyer, of Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes, had designed the cake at the wedding where we were photographing.  Her designs are so elegant and just so gorgeous.  It is always a privilege to be photographing them.

Edith Meyer Wedding Cake
Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes
Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes


The Glass Slipper Gourmet is actually located in Martinez, but this cake was so cute I had to include them. The cake designer used the brides artwork to create a very unique wedding cake for the couple.


Opened in 1978, this bakery near Capitola, California serves more than 500 different pastries, cakes, cookies, and breads.


“Companion was created in 2006 with the help of a supportive community and out of the love of hearty sourdough. In the early years Erin spent long days in the kitchen hand-mixing all of the dough, baking, packing and working the farmers markets.”

Companion is now a mainstay in Santa Cruz, found at farmer’s markets all over the county.

Companion - Best Bakery in Santa Cruz
Chocolate Chip Baguette from Companion Bakeshop


Butttercup cakes for cupcakes in Santa Cruz
Butttercup cakes

Tony and I had the pleasure of photographing at Buttercup Cakes and Farmhouse frosting at their shop in downtown Santa Cruz. It was one of the cutest cupcake shops I’ve ever been in. Recently, however, they suffered some unfortunate setbacks. The shop was moved, and then closed at the beginning of Covid. Later moved to Davenport, it burned during the fire.

Buttercup Cakes and Farmhouse frosting

However, they still provide cupcakes to order from their website, and they are a lovely addition to a wedding table.


My Cupcake Corner makes delicious cupcakes decorated for all sorts of occasions and events.  They all have fillings that make them extra special.

Cupcakes in Santa Cruz
cupcake from Cupcake Corner in Santa Cruz

They are local, vegan, organic, and she sells through the internet and at a pop-up stand.


We do a lot of our own baking. But we also shop at small shops like The Buttery, a local bakery.

Some of the weddings at the Chaminade have featured cakes from The Buttery Bakery, one of the exceptional bakeries in Santa Cruz. Simple, elegant, and perfectly matched to the décor.

Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography

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