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5 Great tips for photo equipment storage

As professional photographers for the last 10 years, we have come up with a few good storage ideas for our photography equipment.   We live near the ocean, where there is a lot of moisture in the air, so proper storage is extremely important. These are my favorite equipment storage tips. We store each camera body and lens in it’s own separate plastic airtight box.  If there is fungus on one lens, you don’t want it spreading to the others. The boxes are labeled so that we always store the lens in the same box, and we can tell if a lens is missing. We use Snapware because it is airtight, inexpensive, and comes in a variety of sizes.  All our batteries and cards are also stored this way. We put desiccants in each box.  We use Interteck reusable blue silica gel packets.  They turn pink when they need to be changed, and they can be renewed and reused by drying them out in the oven. We labeled the lens hoods using a permanent white oil-based …

Celebration of Spring – crostini with fresh peas

Crostini with fresh pea puree then topped with pea tendrils and flowers from the garden. Drizzle with a really great olive oil and sprinkle with fleur de sel and you have the perfect spring time appetizer.  The puree was made by sauteing garlic in olive oil and then adding frozen petite peas – no need to defrost.  After a minute or two of cooking they were tossed into the food processor.  The frozen peas were just as good as the fresh, and a whole lot quicker.

Wedding at the Family Estate in the Almaden Valley

Annabel and Tylon were married at the family estate in the Almaden Valley, south of San Jose on July 15, 2017.  They wanted the wedding to be a romantic, semi formal affair, with a slight Victorian look.  The estate, with it’s tree-lined creek and large shaded lawn was the perfect place.  The bride was gorgeous in her Amelia Sposa gown and the groom was handsome in a white dinner jacket.  Even the cake looked regal.   Photography: Tony Fitzgerald Photography  |  Venue:  Hoge Residence |  Planner:  Heather Hoge  |  Catering: Gunthers Restaurant and Catering  | Cake: Bay Cakes Design  |  Floral Design: Dubon Floral Design  |  Tables, Chairs, and Linens:  Moggia Events  |  DJ: Songman Entertainment  |  Dress: Amelia Sposa  

Santa Cruz Wedding at Michael’s on Main in Soquel

Carolyn and Darby were surrounded by friends and family as they said their vows on June 24, 2017.  A beautiful sunny day and a lovely setting in the redwoods made it a perfect day for a wedding.  After the official ceremony one guest after another came up to tell the couple how much they meant to them and what a happy occasion it was.       Photography: Tony Fitzgerald Photography  |  Venue:  Michael’s on Main |