It’s easy to be a great chef or baker. Just…

  • Follow the best recipe
  • Use the very best ingredients
  • And add your own creativity

But how do you know which recipe is the best and where to get the best ingredients. This blog can help with that.

We post about foods that inspired us while traveling and how we created them back home. But we start by researching the recipes from exceptional chefs and post a link to the ones we choose, so you can learn from the best. Then we knock it up a notch by finding the very best ingredients. Brands matter, so we list exactly what we used. We originally were trying to find sustainable brands instead of the best quality, but happily it turned out that most companies that care about quality also care about sustainability. Sometimes the ingredients cost more, but we save by sourcing them from the grower, the importer, the local farmer’s market, a small business, our own garden, or sometimes we make them, so we get the best quality for less. Stocking the pantry with incredible ingredients makes it all easier.