Q: What do your services include?

A:  Our services include the following:

  • Two photographers for four hours on the wedding day.
  • The wedding photographed personally by the two of us.
  • The photographs retouched by the actual artist.
  • A personal, online site for the event.
  • An online gallery of all processed images (400+) in high resolution, within three weeks of the wedding.
  • A method of easily downloading the retouched, high resolution digital photos from the gallery at no charge.
  • An online link to Bay Photo where prints can be easily ordered at their low price.
  • Printing rights so you can use the photos for albums, prints, and sharing with friends.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you have used a local, green business. We recently received the Green Business Certification Award from the County of Santa Cruz.

Q: What do your services cost?

A:  $1,000 for four hours of coverage.


Q: How do you photograph a wedding in only four hours?

A:  We have found, through years of experience, that most of the day’s important events occur within a four hour period.  Knowing this has given us the opportunity to offer luxury wedding coverage at a very reasonable rate.  Luxury wedding coverage usually includes candid photos of the wedding party getting ready, the “first look”, family portraits, the ceremony, editorial style photos of the reception decorations, the details, the invitation suite and the cake, candid photos of the wedding party arriving at the reception, the first dance and the toasts.  With some very thoughtful planning, we are able to thoroughly cover these events.  We time our arrival for when the wedding party is almost finished getting ready. We usually work separately to photograph the bride and groom getting ready, and this may be at different locations.  One of us arrives at the bride’s location after she has her makeup done, but is still having finishing touches done on her hair, before she puts on her dress.  The other arrives at the groom’s location to take some photos of the groom with his groomsmen.  Then the two of us photograph the “first look” (if there is one).  We photograph the ceremony together, but from different perspectives.  Family and wedding party portraits can be taken before or after the ceremony, or a mixture of both.  During portraits, one person photographs while the other person coordinates the photos.  We request the names of family members and the wedding party, and a list of the groupings in order to handle all the portraits quickly and easily.  We arrange to take photos of the reception area details, decorations and the cake before all the guests arrive.  Then the two of us photograph the arrival of the wedding party, the toasts, table groupings and the first dance.  We encourage the couple to arrange for family and friends to photograph the cake cutting and bouquet toss if these will occur much later.  This has allowed us to offer luxury wedding coverage at such an incredible rate.  We also provide full day coverage for couples who would like professional photos during the entire day.

Q:  What is your photography style?

A:   This is your wedding, so our goal is to photograph it the way you want and not impose our style.  We usually try to be as unobtrusive as possible while you are getting ready so we can capture realistic moments.  However, we also take artistic detail shots and will arrange some items in order to do this.  Most of the day will be captured naturally, as it occurs; however, we also shoot traditional style for group and family portrait photos.  Most couples want a combination of both styles.   We will offer guidance and suggestions for posing in order to create the best photos possible.  We photograph the ceremony respectfully, and the reception by capturing the events as they occur.


Q: How do I receive my photos?

A:  We personally review every photo, make selections, then retouch the selections to make everyone naturally look their best, and then post the retouched photos (usually about 400 images) to a gallery on a personal online site.  All the photos are usually posted to the online site within 3 weeks after your wedding day.


Q: What is the personal online site?

A:  We deliver the photographs by creating a personal, online site to present them.  The site includes a password protected gallery containing all processed images.  The couple can easily share the site with their family and friends, allowing everyone to view and download images at no charge, or purchase prints themselves, directly from the professional processing lab.  The online site is a great way of sharing photos when you are busy doing other things – like enjoying your honeymoon.


Q: How do I get prints?

A:  The photos can be downloaded and printed directly from the online gallery at no charge, but the gallery also allows you to conveniently order high quality prints from Bay Photo, a professional printing company, which we feel is the best in the business, and just happens to be located in Santa Cruz.  The charges for prints are kept at a low price because of the professional relationship we have with the company, and we pass this advantage on to you.  You receive printing rights from the photographer, which means that you may use other companies to print the photos as well, or use them for albums, Facebook, websites and sharing with friends.


Q: Is a retainer required to hold my wedding date?

A:  Yes.  A nonrefundable retainer is required when you book our services and sign the contract.   We can accept payment in cash or check.  Your final payment is due on or before your wedding day.  Once we receive your retainer and signed contract, we will sign the contract and send you a copy.  You will also receive a helpful list of common wedding day photos and tips, and a questionnaire to fill out to give us information about your wedding day.  This will help you start thinking about the photographs you will want.

Q: How do I share photos with the wedding planner and all the other artists who provided services?

A:  We always take a few photos with the other artists in mind to show their work in the best possible light, and we would be happy to deliver these to them, and give them permission to use them.  If you provide us with a contact list before the wedding, we can easily deliver photos to all the other artists.


Q: How can I get my wedding published in a magazine or on a wedding blog?

A:  Wedding magazines and blogs consider an event for publication when the photographs are submitted for review.  Most magazines and blogs require the photographer to submit the photos, since they need to obtain a release from the photographer.  Additionally, submission is a complicated process requiring particular kinds of editorial style photographs in a required format.  We are familiar with the requirements of the most popular magazines and blogs and take photos with editorial submission in mind. If you decide you would like to have your event featured, we can handle the details for you, but we will need to know this in advance.


Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A:  We both use professional quality Canon digital cameras (5D Mark II, IV), Canon professional speedlites and the finest Cannon lenses (L-series).  We also have back-ups for all our equipment (and back-ups for our back-ups).  We use computer software for color correcting and retouching the photos.  We try to take most of the photos with natural light, which gives us really beautiful color, but we have speedlites to add drama and light when necessary.  We invest regularly to stay current on camera equipment, computer equipment/software and education to insure you receive very high quality photos.


Q: Is it OK if other people take photos at the wedding?

A:  Yes, this is your wedding, and you can have anyone you want taking photos.  We ask that we have control, and are the only photographers while we are taking family photos so we can take them quickly and allow everyone to get back to the celebration.  In fact, we encourage couples to make arrangements for friends and family to photograph the cake cutting and the couple’s exit, since this will usually occur outside our four hours of coverage.


Q: Do you photograph out-of-town weddings?

A:  We photograph weddings in the Santa Cruz area and within a one hour travel distance of Santa Cruz.

Q: Is the cost of your wedding services flexible?

A:  We can be so reasonable about our fee by offering fewer choices, and by limiting the hours of coverage.   If the four hour limit does not work for your needs, we may add additional hours of coverage for $500 an hour.


Q: Can we meet with you before the wedding?

A:  We also offer an engagement photo session for a separate fee, which would allow us to get to know each other.  Many couples would like photos to use for the announcements or invitations and we can provide a separate photo shoot to take these photos for you.  This takes about an hour and can be done at a convenient location. Many couples choose a place that is special to them, like the local park or the place where they met.  This allows you to spend some time with us so that you are comfortable with the camera on your wedding day.  This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and give us details about the wedding.  We post the pictures to an online gallery so it is easy for you to use them.


Q: Do you create wedding albums?

A: We make it easy for couples to design their own albums by providing the high resolution digital images as part of our services, and granting printing rights so they can have an album created by a company of their choice.