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Flower producers and providers in Santa Cruz County.

Farm Fresh Flowers

Hanh Vo is the owner of the little flower shop at 2615 Soquel Ave in Santa Cruz.  If you pass this way, you are probably familiar with it, since it’s been there forever.  But what you may not know is that she supplies locally grown orchids and does flower arrangements for weddings … at a very reasonable price.  And doing a centerpiece with locally grown orchids, besides being very elegant, is also very “green”.

Roses of Yesterday and Today | Santa Cruz wedding venue

We photographed some of the unusual roses at Roses of Yesterday & Today.  These are the roses your grandmother would recognize, but are not as common today.  We are fortunate to have this local grower who is preserving the heritage.  It is a really lovely location and does allow an occasional wedding to take place there.  They just need lots of advanced notice in order to make as many roses as possible bloom all at once – but wouldn’t that be a special occasion!

Calla Company

This is new!! Calla company is the shipping division of a flower grower local to Santa Cruz. They are a direct shipper of fresh cut calla lilies sold exclusively for wholesale, but they just started the service of selling retail for events! What an opportunity! This is really nice for a bride who wants to do some of the flowers herself. It could save some of the cost, but she would also be getting the flowers very fresh, straight from the grower. Calla Lilies are beautiful for a wedding! The white ones are especially elegant. So I am pleased to be able to pass on this tip to couples who are planning a wedding.