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Cupcakes at Buttercup cakes in Santa Cruz

Tony and I had the pleasure of photographing at Buttercup Cakes and Farmhouse frosting yesterday.  Easily the cutest cupcake shop I’ve  ever been in,  and the cupcakes taste like my grandmother used to make – homemade, buttery – but so much prettier!  Carren, one of the owners told us how they make the buttery frosting and it stays looking beautiful on wedding cakes even for outdoor weddings, so a couple doesn’t have to choose between a gorgeous cake and one that taste incredible.  

My Cupcake Corner

Beautiful Cupcakes …all dressed up for the tea party.  My Cupcake Corner makes delicious cupcakes decorated for all sorts of occasions and events.  They all have fillings that make them extra special (the Bonny Dune blackberries are fantastic!)  Kelly, the owner, told me they are very popular for weddings because everyone gets their own little cake, and the couple saves the cost of cake cutting.  She has a line of booze cakes just for such an occasion.  They are local, vegan, organic, and she sells through the internet and at a pop-up stand – doesn’t get much more Santa Cruz than that!

Mika’s cupcakes for shelter

I recently discovered Mika’s Cupcakes for Shelter, located in Hayward The cupcakes are so cute, and incredible delicious! – not that I am a cupcake connoisseur or anything (oh wait, yes I am!) But they also have such a nice story behind the company – the owners created it to help the homeless families they were helping to support. What a nice thing to add to a wedding – cute cupcakes and good karma!

Wedding cake

FAMILY HEIRLOOM CHINA What could be more perfect than using the family heirloom china for serving the cake?  This china was so important to the great grandmother that it was one of the few possessions that she brought with her across the country to the homestead in Montana and then to the log cabin they built in Alaska.  It was the fact that it had come all the way from France that made it special to her, and added a bit of civility to the wilderness lifestyle.  And now it is special again.  What a nice way to honor the family and include the grandparents.