Kefir is similar to yogurt, but contains more probiotics. It’s seriously easy to make. We use it mostly for breakfast shakes and dessert. It’s also a perfect substitute for buttermilk, because I never have buttermilk around when we want pancakes.

We use a yogurt maker and a Kefir starter.

  • Plug in the yogurt maker
  • Add milk (I usually use non-fat organic milk)
  • Add Kefir starter
  • Set time for 24 hours

That’s it – no scalding the milk or fussing with a thermometer.

The yogurt maker we use has a strainer to take some of the water out and make a thicker version.

Some of the kefir can be used to start the next batch instead of the using the starter.

Both the Cultures for Health starter and the Dash yogurt maker are available on Amazon.

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