Month: May 2014

Melon dessert balls

I really want to be able to have dessert, even when I am trying to eat healthy.  It doesn’t have to be ooey gooey, but it does have to look good and taste really good.  These melon balls with just a touch of mint simple syrup were elegant and delicious.  A little mint from the herb garden made the syrup easy, and the cantaloupe  from the farmer’s market were fantastic.  Proving that a dessert doesn’t have to have a ton of calories to be a hit. Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography PHOTOS ARE AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD COMMERCIAL USE.  

Oak tree on hill photographed through an arch

Marie’s Garden | Santa Cruz wedding venue

Marie’s Garden is a wedding venue in Santa Cruz county that many couples may not even know about.  This is the home on the apple farm where Marie Gandrup raised her children, and the marks of a happy childhood are everywhere, from the children’s toys to the playhouse.  Much of it has been lovingly preserved by the childern and is now the backdrop to the weddings that occur here where couples are starting their own lives and families together.  If you are looking for a real old fashioned apple farm for the site of your wedding, this is it.