Month: August 2013

Rooster Ridge Organic Farm

If you are planning a wedding in the Santa Cruz area and want to buy flowers directly from a local grower, consider Rooster Ridge Organic Farm. They can provide the olive branches and lemons for a vineyard wedding, or sunflowers and bells of Ireland for a more country style.

My Cupcake Corner

Beautiful Cupcakes …all dressed up for the tea party.  My Cupcake Corner makes delicious cupcakes decorated for all sorts of occasions and events.  They all have fillings that make them extra special (the Bonny Dune blackberries are fantastic!)  Kelly, the owner, told me they are very popular for weddings because everyone gets their own little cake, and the couple saves the cost of cake cutting.  She has a line of booze cakes just for such an occasion.  They are local, vegan, organic, and she sells through the internet and at a pop-up stand – doesn’t get much more Santa Cruz than that!

Goose’s Goodies

Best toffee ever!!  No lie! I know that’s just my opinion, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.  This is what we decided was OMG toffee!  Especially the white chocolate and macadamia nut.  The toffee is handmade by Goose’s Goodies, a family candy maker in Santa Cruz.  

Driscoll’s Berry

Not too many people know it, but Driscoll’s Berry has a store just outside Watsonville where they sell direct to the public, year round.  The berries are just picked and much lower priced than in the stores, and they have a unique selection of top quality blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.  So if you are having an event and doing some of the food yourself, you could order just what you want directly from the growers.