Month: July 2013

Ashby Confections

Ashby Confections creates custom chocolates for special occasions. They can tailor colors, designs and flavors to compliment the style of an event, and can even monogram the chocolates or do wine pairing.  They are located in the Santa Cruz area, and work with other local producers such as Driscoll’s Berries and Beauregard Winery.  We think the globes are especially elegant – pictured in this post is a banana ganache globe. Update: Jen Ashby just told me that Ashby chocolates is moving to Scotts Valley and will soon be located at 16C Victor Square, near the Scotts Valley Market, and they are offering a 10% discount to all their Heather’s customers through the end of the year.

Chocolate Visions

Tucked away in Scotts Valley is Chocolate Visions, a Chocolatier with a very unique and incredible product.  They add wine from some of the local wineries, and fruits and herbs from local growers when making the ganache for their chocolates.  Then they dip the chocolates on site to make innovative chocolates with the flavors of Santa Cruz.  The olive oil and lavender is from Valencia Creek Farm in Aptos, the Framboise is from Bonny Doon Vineyard, and the wine is from Equinox and Burrell School vineyards and winery. They even do personalized monogrammed chocolates for special events.    

Richard Donnelly Chocolates

Richard Donnelly Chocolates is perhaps the most well known Chocolatier in Santa Cruz.  He has won a number of awards and is considered one of the best in the country, and it is easy to see why.  There are a number of delicious choices for a wedding but we loved the little hearts the most.  He also creates special little gift boxes which would be perfect for visiting guests’ welcome baskets or wedding favors.

South of France diet

My trainer wanted to know what I have been eating, since I have lost weight.  I told her Tony and I have been hanging out in the South of France (which really means we are picnicking in the back yard).  The trick is to eat special things and have them handy – like on this tray – so I don’t go hunting for less healthy alternatives.  She wanted a picture.  Now that’s what a diet should be like! Pate: elSalchichero handcrafted charcuterie. Macaroons: Kelly’s Bakery Wine: Mt. Eden Bread: Golden Sheaf